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Oil of Oregano (O.Vulgare)

A natural antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral, with extraordinary healing properties.

Oil of Oregano

So, what is so special about oil of oregano? Oil of oregano from its authentic source has many medicinal properties. Scientifically proven to eradicate pathogens, as effectively as penicillin, the oil contains naturally derived antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral bio-active chemicals. These naturally occuring chemicals work with the body to help eliminate a diverse range of pathogens, such as: bacteria, fungus, protozoa and virus; in addition to relieving cellular tissue of toxins, contaminants and free radicals.

Ethical Care™ offers the highest quality oil of oregano mixed with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil at a 2:1 dilution ratio for optimum topical, internal and sublingual absorption. 100% pure.

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